PUBG Mobile is great Battle Royala game for Android and iOS devices. Unfrotunately you can get UC only by paying. This website can generate unlimited amount of Battle Points and UC for FREE. Don't wait and try it as fast as possible!

Live stats
  • Boban, generated today:
  • BP: 12447
  • UC: 5153
  • Meatmush, generated today:
  • BP: 15339
  • UC: 13002
  • Shooper19, generated today:
  • BP: 80540
  • UC: 9873
  • freelancer18, generated today:
  • BP: 20054
  • UC: 3600
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Before we generate resources to your account we need to prove that you are human. We are getting a lot of spamming bots that obtain resources and cause our server to go offline.

Step 1: Click "Verify Now!" - Select one of the available offers in your region.

Step 2: Complete the offer! - Run the new apps installed for 30 Seconds if you use the Android or iPhone operating system

Step 3: Done! - After you have completed the offer, the Human Verification step will be over. You should recieve your Battle Point and UC shortly afterwards. Enjoy!

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